Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where to stay in OC

It's always tough to find places to stay when you're trying to bunk 8
bodies. We have to find a suite, reserve two rooms, or squeeze
everyone into one regular room (we do not like doing this...we have to sneak everyone in!). I found this place on Harbor, just down from Disneyland. They had two-room suites with double queens and bunk beds in room two. They had a nice "deluxe" continental breakfast. We love those individual waffle makers (Kristen and Doug love those waffles too so they came to visit us for breakfast with the boys)! It was clean and in a good part of town. It was only about 10 minutes to Knott's and it's a few blocks from D-land. We paid $ was $10 more than the $120 rate because we added a roll-away. Jeremy paid just over $100 for his same room because he "claimed" he was an AARP member or something. They probably bought the scam because of his balding head...Or maybe they thought that AARP stood for "American Association of Receding-Hairline People." I'm not sure!
While at the hotel, Jeremy agreed to pose for this picture for Jennifer. I pulled it off of their camera memory card. It sort of makes me sick. It's kind of fun to see Jeremy losing the hair on his head and growing an equal amount on his back! Sexy!

Anyway...The mattresses were pillow-top and they had free internet and a nice pool. The pic above is a poorly exposed pic of Meg with a well-exposed pic of the sign. See what a great photographer I am? I didn't have time to think about the shot because Kari was itching to leave and was about ready to run me down in the parking lot; I guess she was very excited to float down the Lazy River at Soak City....or maybe she's just tired of having to wait for me all of the time??? Here is the hotel's website:

Tell them that I referred you...I'm sure they'll care!

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Michelle said...

Here's an idea...come with us again next week. Only this time, stay at Hotel Lisonbee (aka my parents) and check out the great food there. It's fabulous. I gained 5 lbs. the last time I was there for a week. And I ate light!