Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain and Palin!

I was at the gym early Friday morning and was watching FoxNews while I was running on the treadmill. I watched as Pawlenty announced that he was out and then the big news...I felt it coming...Romney was not the pick. I was so p'd off for just a few minutes. Then there was talk of a plane from Alaska, etc, etc. I had read about Palin in various blogs over the last few weeks and I began to get excited at the idea that it really could be her. (I am a fan of very conservative ladies...Especially the one that lives in my house!) Kari tried to call me so that I could listen to the announcement over the phone, but I was tied up at work. My excitement was confirmed when she was announced.

I feel bad for Romney (but I still have some issues with his early abortion stance (come on!) and with his sometimes apologist attitude towards the Church); I still think that he would have been a very strong VP. He seems to be a good sport and supports the McCain-Palin ticket. You should read his statement about the pick. We'll see more of him, I'm sure.

So I've got to share another of my favorite videos from the McCain campaign. The Osama-BiteMe ticket is such a joke:

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