Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Support Proposition 8

So Kari and I went to the special fireside broadcast last night dealing with Proposition 8. We were encouraged to use blogs and other electronic media to share the message. Obviously, Kari and I are supporting Proposition 8. Why?
  • Acceptance of homosexual marriages destroys the sacredness of marriage and the family unit.
  • Our kids don't need to be taught in public schools that gay marriage is an acceptable alternative. We get to have a say on sex-education curriculum, but nothing bars a school from teaching gay marriage without warning parents in advance. This is not an "extremist" claim as some say...Just yesterday the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of parents in Massachusetts claiming that they had the right of pre-notification.
  • Prop 8 isn't anti-gay. It is anti-gay marriage. Period. Behave in a way that you want to behave, but please don't redefine marriage to help justify your moral choices.
  • Prop 8 is not intolerance. We are tolerant and we wish the anti-prop 8 crew would be more tolerant of our beliefs. Why does fighting for what we believe make us intolerant? The anti-prop 8 crew is fighting for what they believe in the name of tolerance. Double standard for sure!
  • There should be a separation of church and state. We don't disagree. But this doesn't mean that our government should be anti-God, anti-value, and immoral. Eternal philosophies and divine principles are the very fibers that hold together our government and sit as the foundation of our independence and our Constitution. No man can deny that our Nation's forefathers understood this, lived this, and proclaimed this. Why do so many feel that we must be value-neutral now?
  • Like Captain Moroni, we feel it is our responsibility to hold up our Title of Liberty and defend our values and, ultimately, our liberty.

What can you do?

  • If you live in California...Donate time, energy, $$$$. Tell your friends about your position. We are.
  • If you live outside of California...Donate money via the Protect Marriage Website. Monitor the Church's Preserving Marriage Website because there may be a call for members across the U.S. to help with phone calling as the election draws near.

If you haven't seen the new commercials for Yes on 8...Check them out...

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Kelly said...

We also went to the broadcast here in SLO and I was very impressed. There were many points that I had never thought of before, i.e. the whole double standard of what tolerance is. I walked away with a desire to fight for this. I think that was part of their goal.