Friday, November 7, 2008

Attacks on my blog continue...

OK...So the buttons are a low-blow...but they just made me laugh. With all the hate and ugliness that has been thrown my way, I just had to do it. You're right, Sam Clauder, sometimes mean things do make you feel good! :-) Well, I sent Sam Clauder an email last night asking him to please avoid my blog. If he wants to make himself feel better about his losses and continue to attack my personal views, I suggested that he do it via phone or email. I gave him my email address. Of course, that is not how he does business. Within an hour, I received multiple hateful comments on my blog. That's how he does business, I guess. Pretty effective communication from the "communications director" of the county party. San Bernardino Democrats should be proud! I wish that he would realize that I only see these hateful comments as ignorant ramblings of a scorned man and his actions only fire me up! Thank you, Sam, for the late night laughable comments and the creative posts (and yes...I have heard of the research supporting homosexuality as innate and unchangeable...I just don't buy it. Just because we don't agree doesn't make me ignorant...I am very well-informed and am very well-behaved, thank you!).

So for now, I bid you adieu. I am going to bring my blog back to the focus on the family. I wish that our State and liberal gas-blowers would do the same. California would be a better place.

(PS: For those of you who don't know...There is an "idiot" system in blogger. You can moderate the comments and disapprove the comments posted by idiots. That's what I'm doing now. I still get to read them and laugh my head off, but I can keep them from my family blog. Also, I think that I am going to start a political blog so that I can continue to enjoy the Sams of the world!)


Kristin said...

So lame about the hateful comments. I agree with Kristen. These guys need to grow up.

jennifer said...

i love the irony here. we do not hate no on 8 people. we do not hate gay people. we simply do not agree with them and their views. but, on the other hand, they hate and attack us outright. what the heck?

we are both intolerant of the others' views. but do not show hate. we can still be respectful and peacefully disagree without dragging it down to the gutter.

Yvette B said...

Interestingly and strangely homosexuals want to be viewed as a "minority" the same way ethnicities are viewed. Because one wants to get physical with someone of the same sex does not constitute a minority that should have the same rights as another race of humans. These are probably the same people who think we branched out from monkeys. Not surprising.