Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We put out signs, slapped on bumper stickers, walked precincts, called many people, fasted & prayed and here we are! We are so excited about the outcome!!! At the risk of sounding corny, I was a little emotional when I went into the poll and marked my little black circle for Prop 8. Maybe I was growing weary; maybe I was just so very hopeful. I know for sure that I was very grateful to be participating in the democratic process.

After our election night party, everyone left and it was just me and a laptop, watching the very slow California returns. I finally plopped down on the couch for a little bit after midnight and then had a very real dream where I was celebrating Prop 8's victory. It was SO REAL. I got up (about 2:30am) and pulled the poll numbers up. We were still ahead! I spent the next few hours identifying missing counties, looking at trend data, forecasting votes and came up with a final forecast of 52.3% "Yes." (Pretty close to the 52.5% final count.) I was excited, but Santa Clara County was only 25% reported and I knew how they were trending...They could have been the "sleeper" that I worried about. But thank heavens we still had Riverside and San Bernardino counties with tons of votes to count and they balanced out SC's effects. When I left for work by 7am, Santa Clara was 100% reported and we gained a little bit. I knew then that we were solid at that point.

Of course, no one wanted to call the victory today because it was so close. I watched the internet all morning long and then just after noon, LA Times, SF Chronicle, and the Fresno Bee all called the victory. It was so great to see it in print! I knew that when all of this was over, there was going to be a loser. Today, the loser is gay marriage. It is not homosexuals. It is not civil rights. Intolerance and bigotry are not the winners either. I don't buy this one bit. I don't buy that homosexuals have the same rights to marriage. Homosexuality is a choice. Period. That choice does not automatically come attached to all rights.

In the end, it's our children that win. Although we'll face this again (hopefully not too soon), we have stopped the movement for now. We have made the future fight a little easier for our children. We protected our families yet again. California can stay on the more righteous path a little longer.

To steal the words from the hope-monger's wife..."For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my [state]." Thank you to everyone who volunteered time, money, and talents. I appreciate your support of MY family.

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Kristin said...

Good work, Robb! That's awesome that you guys took a stand and helped work to make it happen.