Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Knott's Berry Farm Trip...

We spent 4 days at Knott's during the first part of Thanksgiving vacation. We had a blast. We stayed in a great hotel and the kids loved the jacuzzi and the indoor pool. Knott's closes early during the winter so we had the evenings to play around in the pool. We spent some time at the beach with the Minnicks and played a mean game of football. The drive home was eventful with pouring rain, two kids throwing up over the grapevine (where we couldn't pull over for at least 20 minutes), and complete exhaustion as we drove late into the night. With all of this, it was the still our best Knott's trip yet! Here are some pics from the adventure...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kari's Photo Shoot!

I can hardly believe it myself! Go visit my photo blog and check out some pictures from Kari's photo shoot. So sexy!

New pics on my photo blog...

Well, Kari cleaned out my photo studio yesterday and I felt inspired to shoot some photos (and I actually had some time to do it!). I posted a pic of Ricky that I took a few months back and then some pics from Meghan's photo shoot this morning. Check out my photo blog for all of the pics. I'm including one of my favorites from this morning. Kari is going to pose for me this afternoon!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade

Meghan was sick today, but Kaleigh marched in the Fresno Vet Parade. Here's mom, dad, and Kay posing on the route. The weather was perfect for the event! Happy Veteran's Day!

Lucy and Uncle Robb

Lucy and I hung out in nursery on Sunday. She was in town visiting for the weekend. She slept in my arms about 90% of the time. She woke up to throw a little fit and so I could snap a picture. A pacifier and 4 minutes later she was back to sleep. I appreciated the excuse to ditch high priests!

My Political Survey Results

OK...Here's the shocker of the day...I took this quiz and guess what? I'm a Republican! I was glad to see that I wasn't a Fascist or an Anarchist...or worse...A Democrat! Whew!

You are a

Social Conservative
(30% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(80% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Republican

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

Friday, November 7, 2008

Attacks on my blog continue...

OK...So the buttons are a low-blow...but they just made me laugh. With all the hate and ugliness that has been thrown my way, I just had to do it. You're right, Sam Clauder, sometimes mean things do make you feel good! :-) Well, I sent Sam Clauder an email last night asking him to please avoid my blog. If he wants to make himself feel better about his losses and continue to attack my personal views, I suggested that he do it via phone or email. I gave him my email address. Of course, that is not how he does business. Within an hour, I received multiple hateful comments on my blog. That's how he does business, I guess. Pretty effective communication from the "communications director" of the county party. San Bernardino Democrats should be proud! I wish that he would realize that I only see these hateful comments as ignorant ramblings of a scorned man and his actions only fire me up! Thank you, Sam, for the late night laughable comments and the creative posts (and yes...I have heard of the research supporting homosexuality as innate and unchangeable...I just don't buy it. Just because we don't agree doesn't make me ignorant...I am very well-informed and am very well-behaved, thank you!).

So for now, I bid you adieu. I am going to bring my blog back to the focus on the family. I wish that our State and liberal gas-blowers would do the same. California would be a better place.

(PS: For those of you who don't know...There is an "idiot" system in blogger. You can moderate the comments and disapprove the comments posted by idiots. That's what I'm doing now. I still get to read them and laugh my head off, but I can keep them from my family blog. Also, I think that I am going to start a political blog so that I can continue to enjoy the Sams of the world!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And I've been accused of intolerance...

I had a fun moment this morning. I noticed that a person left a comment attached to my "Victory!!!" post. It was from a man named Sam Clauder. This is what he said:

Sam Clauder said...
Think you got enuff kids there?Or are you still popping them out to overpopulate the world?No problem. You can always send them off to die in the next Republican liars' war.

What a sweet thing to say, right? I clicked on his name to his blog and it was blank. The chicken just blew in, blew off, and blew out. What a real tough make such statements as a "masked man." So...on to my response:
  • I do think that I have "enuff" kids, thanks (by the way, "enuff" is spelled "enough" (you'll have more credibility if you can actually spell your thoughts correctly)). I would like more, but "popping" them out just became too tough for my wife. My kids will be productive members of society, will not suck the system dry by abusing social programs, and will fight for the things they know to be right. They'll be good conservative Republicans, I'm sure! :-) We need these kids to become productive adults to balance out the hatemongers who anonymously spew their mindless drivel. The world will be a much better place. If I could have a hundred, the world would even be better.
  • My wife probably would be offended by the "popping out" comment. I was present at all of my children's births and it was just a little more difficult than that.
  • "Send them off to die" Wow! What sane person with any ounce of compassion would wish that on anyone? How sad! Not only is it a slap in my face, but it is so unfair to our vets that have given their lives in all prior wars so that you can have the freedoms that you enjoy (even posting hate mail!). Oh, by the way, "liars'" should have been "liar's" since it is singular. Just thought that you'd want some additional help with editing.
  • I was called intolerant a few different times during the Prop 8 run. I never attacked anyone, never called anyone names, never wished death on anyone's family, never picketed in front of any gay bars, and never whined or complained that if we didn't win we'd take it to the judges. Why can't the "no" side tolerate my views? I don't think that intolerance is what they're really fighting. Prop 8 was aligned with my values and I fought along with thousands of others to help it get passed. Apparently 52.5% (or 5,388,497 Californians) agree. I think I'm in pretty good company!

I did a search and found out that Mr. Clauder is the PR Chair for the San Bernardino County Democratic Party (a county where 67.1% voted "yes" for prop 8). He was the the communications director for Tim Prince's failed Congressional run (he lost by almost a 2-1 margin on Tuesday). Mr. Clauder was also a major force behind Prop 66 (remember the one that wanted to limit the 3 strikes law?); it lost too. Maybe Mr. Clauder is bitter because of these losses??? Maybe he was just looking for someone to tear down because he was feeling so blue himself this week??? Next time, Mr. Clauder, will you please do the following: keep your communication appropriate (should be second-nature for you since you are a "communication director"), don't wish my children dead, or better yet, please just keep your thoughts to yourself.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We put out signs, slapped on bumper stickers, walked precincts, called many people, fasted & prayed and here we are! We are so excited about the outcome!!! At the risk of sounding corny, I was a little emotional when I went into the poll and marked my little black circle for Prop 8. Maybe I was growing weary; maybe I was just so very hopeful. I know for sure that I was very grateful to be participating in the democratic process.

After our election night party, everyone left and it was just me and a laptop, watching the very slow California returns. I finally plopped down on the couch for a little bit after midnight and then had a very real dream where I was celebrating Prop 8's victory. It was SO REAL. I got up (about 2:30am) and pulled the poll numbers up. We were still ahead! I spent the next few hours identifying missing counties, looking at trend data, forecasting votes and came up with a final forecast of 52.3% "Yes." (Pretty close to the 52.5% final count.) I was excited, but Santa Clara County was only 25% reported and I knew how they were trending...They could have been the "sleeper" that I worried about. But thank heavens we still had Riverside and San Bernardino counties with tons of votes to count and they balanced out SC's effects. When I left for work by 7am, Santa Clara was 100% reported and we gained a little bit. I knew then that we were solid at that point.

Of course, no one wanted to call the victory today because it was so close. I watched the internet all morning long and then just after noon, LA Times, SF Chronicle, and the Fresno Bee all called the victory. It was so great to see it in print! I knew that when all of this was over, there was going to be a loser. Today, the loser is gay marriage. It is not homosexuals. It is not civil rights. Intolerance and bigotry are not the winners either. I don't buy this one bit. I don't buy that homosexuals have the same rights to marriage. Homosexuality is a choice. Period. That choice does not automatically come attached to all rights.

In the end, it's our children that win. Although we'll face this again (hopefully not too soon), we have stopped the movement for now. We have made the future fight a little easier for our children. We protected our families yet again. California can stay on the more righteous path a little longer.

To steal the words from the hope-monger's wife..."For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my [state]." Thank you to everyone who volunteered time, money, and talents. I appreciate your support of MY family.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A redneck parade for Prop 8

A number of guys in the ward decorated their trucks and we drove
throughout town. It was a lot of fun and the support was evident. I
only had two people flip me off! Oh, I just love the tolerance for my
views!! Afterwards, we met members of the ward at Clovis and Herndon
and waved signs. It really invigorated me. Here is a pic of my truck
with the American flag in the back. As I drove down the street, the
flag waved just like the stereotypical confederate flags on redneck