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With nearly three decades of experience in fostering personal and professional growth, Dr. Robb J. Christopherson has dedicated his career to enhancing practices in development and learning. Specializing in curriculum design, instructional development, and employee training, Dr. Christopherson's approach is characterized by a deep commitment to centered and inclusive development strategies. 

Throughout his 30-year professional journey, Dr. Christopherson has held various roles that allowed him to focus on developing programs and people tailored to diverse needs and implementing effective strategies. His leadership has been driven by a vision of accessible and equitable development for all. He is an effective communicator and has presented at organizations and conferences big and small. 

At the core of Dr. Christopherson’s philosophy is the belief that effective development hinges on understanding and responding to the unique needs of each individual. This belief has steered his efforts in professional development, ensuring that professionals are equipped with the tools and knowledge to support their peers effectively. Grounded in solid andragogy and pedagogy, Dr. Christopherson understands that there are specific, proven strategies and techniques to support individual and organizational growth. His goal is to not only support people development in an organization but to build systems and supports for sustainability, so that positive results can continue long after his work is done. Organizations deserve a good, long-term return on their professional learning investment.

Dr. Christopherson’s academic background, with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, has provided a solid foundation for his work in program evaluation and staff development. Throughout his career, he has maintained a focus on continuous improvement and adaptation in methods, aligning them with evolving standards and needs. While serving for 19 years as a college instructor, Dr. Christopherson recognized that it's important to be research-grounded but also flexible as we move from theory to practice. He also is a firm builder that "cookie cutter" people development is ineffective and he works to support the unique needs of each organization and individual. 

Dr. Christopherson brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to fostering environments where individuals can thrive. His work continues to be motivated by the goal of making quality development a reality for every individual, recognizing the transformative power of learning in shaping lives and organizations. He believes that, in the words of Margaret Mead, small groups of people can change the world. He looks forward to many more years of helping to support people's lives and organizations and, in turn, make the world a little better.

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