Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where to stay in OC

It's always tough to find places to stay when you're trying to bunk 8
bodies. We have to find a suite, reserve two rooms, or squeeze
everyone into one regular room (we do not like doing this...we have to sneak everyone in!). I found this place on Harbor, just down from Disneyland. They had two-room suites with double queens and bunk beds in room two. They had a nice "deluxe" continental breakfast. We love those individual waffle makers (Kristen and Doug love those waffles too so they came to visit us for breakfast with the boys)! It was clean and in a good part of town. It was only about 10 minutes to Knott's and it's a few blocks from D-land. We paid $ was $10 more than the $120 rate because we added a roll-away. Jeremy paid just over $100 for his same room because he "claimed" he was an AARP member or something. They probably bought the scam because of his balding head...Or maybe they thought that AARP stood for "American Association of Receding-Hairline People." I'm not sure!
While at the hotel, Jeremy agreed to pose for this picture for Jennifer. I pulled it off of their camera memory card. It sort of makes me sick. It's kind of fun to see Jeremy losing the hair on his head and growing an equal amount on his back! Sexy!

Anyway...The mattresses were pillow-top and they had free internet and a nice pool. The pic above is a poorly exposed pic of Meg with a well-exposed pic of the sign. See what a great photographer I am? I didn't have time to think about the shot because Kari was itching to leave and was about ready to run me down in the parking lot; I guess she was very excited to float down the Lazy River at Soak City....or maybe she's just tired of having to wait for me all of the time??? Here is the hotel's website:

Tell them that I referred you...I'm sure they'll care!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Emerson could not go on many rides at Knott's, but he found another
fun activity under one of the tables...already been chewed gum! Not
only was the gum chewed, but it was mixed with dirt and other
unidentified foreign objects! Yummy! We all sort of gagged when
Jared dug it out of his mouth. Here is a pic of the tasty treat for
all of posterity!!!

Kari is 36!

Well, we are celebrating Kari's birthday while on our little day trip
to Knott's Berry Farm. During lunch, we had a delicious chicken
dinner complete with a Knott's Boysenberry pie. Yummy! We brought
party hats, candles, and streamer poppers. In addition to her new
digital camera, the kids bought her a nice Kitchen Aide food processor
and gave it to her during lunch. I'm expecting some great meals and
some pics on our blog! I'll post some more pics of this special day
when we get home!

Here we go with some other pics...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RainGutter Regatta

Here is Jacob at his pack's Raingutter regatta. Jake was a little
light-headed from blowing so much through the little straw, but he did
well! He won some heats and his boat stood up straight most of the
time. Not bad for something that was assembled a few minutes before
the pack meeting!

The photographers in the family

OK....My first family blog post. Although all of the kids enjoy helping me when I'm shooting pics, Kaleigh and Zach have started to look through the lens and shoot some, too. Zach can tell you what many of the photo terms mean and he has gone with me to take pics and uses my Canon Rebel. Well, Kaleigh asked if she could borrow my Rebel this afternoon (they don't dare ask to use the 40d!) and she paid Ammon to be a model. She did a great job and I'm including a few of her pics below. I didn't need to edit anything...just sharpened the pics and posted them here. Very fun! Check out some of my pics on my photo blog.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming Soon...

This page is so very blank. Once I figure things out, I will begin to keep some stuff on this page. For now, feel free to visit my photo blog: