Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Website is Active!!!

Well...After many nights of no sleep, I have finally launched my photography website.  I am working on finalizing all of my business/tax paperwork to become an "official" business.  This will be a very part-time business.  So the website isn't all that professional, but it serves its purpose.  I hope to develop it more in the future.  I have a price sheet, galleries, and online proofing/ordering (which is pretty cool!).  Take a look when you get a chance!  More to come...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas cousins through the ages...

Most of you know that Kari and I and her two brothers' families built homes next door to each other in 2004 (we affectionately call it the COMPOUND). For the last five years, we have taken pictures with all of the cousins on Christmas Eve in their new PJs. Here is our latest pic, taken in our living room (we rotate houses each year). This will definitely be fun for the memory books! Also...note Zach's robe...he has worn the same robe for the last 4 years. We know what he's getting next year for Christmas! It's fun to see the cousins added over the years and it's hard to believe that in 5 years, we'll be sending Zach out on a mission.

2007...In Grandpa and Grandma's house...They moved in next door to us in 2007 (making it 4 houses in a row).

2006-Matt & Aimee's House

2005-Jeremy and Jenn's House

2004-Our first year in the compound! Taken at our house.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You really should think before you act...

...especially when there is a camera in front of you! I asked Matt to come over and fill in for me while I set up my lights and shot some test shots. Afterward, he was to act as the trigger man. Well, during the test shot, he thought that it would be funny to "expose" himself. No one else in the group knew what was going on...In the end, we have this great picture! I respect everyone too much to show the entire picture, so I had to censor it just a little. The original picture reminded me of a Seinfeld episode (think "Bro")!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Pic...

Finally...We took a family picture! Enjoy...

Here is what we used for our Christmas cards this year. It really shows the family's personality. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Hmong New Year!

Reagan Elementary celebrated Hmong New Year yesterday. One of our teachers has a collection of authentic Hmong dress and much of the staff dressed up for the occassion. We had a huge Hmong potluck and great assemblies. Kari came over in the morning to take a picture with me and the boys. It was a fun day to celebrate an amazing culture!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ward Christmas Party...Santa Pics!

We had our Ward Christmas party on Saturday morning. Santa almost didn't show up...but he made it just in time for pictures. I shot over 50 family/child portraits with Santa. I had the 5x7 prints made at Costco and ready to go at Church on Sunday. I am quite pleased with the results. Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Turducken anyone?

So, I was watching a show on Food Network and they featured Turducken.  It is a boneless chicken inside of a boneless duck inside of a boneless turkey.  There is some yummy sausage-based stuffing in between each layer.  I knew that this was the turkey for me!  Well, I couldn't find duck anywhere before Thanksgiving, so it wasn't going to happen.  I did, however, make the stuffing, deboned the turkey and added chicken thighs to the inside of the turkey (I would have deboned a chicken, too, but I was afraid that doing two birds on my first attempt would be difficult).  I placed the laptop on the counter and watched a YouTube video on how to debone a turkey.  It worked great!  It took about 7 hours to cook the concoction.  I am pleased to announce that it was delicious.  I am for sure going to find a duck and add a full chicken to the mix next time.  Christmas?  We'll see.  Sam was so into the process and he helped me throughout the evening.  We not only did the "Turken" but we also prepped and cooked a regular turkey using our "secret recipe."  Enjoy the pics!