Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Medal of a Day in The Christopherson Home

DI Team (Sam & Jake) & Zach Win Big!!!
It was a busy day on Saturday.  Kari and I were with the DI team from morning to night at Buchanan High School and Zach was competing at Science Olympiad at CSU, Fresno.

  Kari was the DI team's coach and it consisted of a group of 2nd and 4th graders.  The practices were interesting and exhausting for Kari!  She was looking forward to it all being over this weekend.  Well...Her wish is not coming true.  The team took 2nd place and they are headed off to the state competition on April 4th (San Jose).  This means another month of practicing and competing with the best of all of the regions.  It will be a fun day, I'm sure.  Here is a pic from the event...

Zach also spent the day at Science Olympiad at CSU, Fresno.  He competed in the areas of Herpetology and Electric Vehicle.  He thought that he had done well in the Herp competition, but in the end, he and his teammate placed third from a pool of about 20 teams!  His K-Nex built car competed against micro-chip infused vehicles.  Sometimes technology isn't better!  Here is a pic of Zach and Shad receiving their medal!  Congratulations!!!!